(Interview) 10Asia.- “I will not make efforts to get rid of the ‘star’ title on purpose.” ENGLISH

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Back with a great interview from 10Asia with our Lee Min Ho, I can see a mature, witty Lee Min Ho answering the questions. Our boy has grown in a good way. This is one of my favorite articles. Please enjoy!

Last, a superb thank you to the wonderful Soompi team, translators @PinkMonster87, @Zinnia & @Pixie0622 for the compilation. Thank you guys, without you, how to learn more about him? I am so grateful.

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“I will not make efforts to get rid of the ‘star’ title on purpose.”


Maybe all that is needed is just a strong blow. For an opportunity to wear a crown being called ‘a star’. The drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ was the strong blow for Lee Min Ho in this case. And he has been a star since then. [What he needs now is] a springboard to jump on so that an actor who has been consumed as ‘an image’ can be read as a ‘story’. Watching ‘Gangnam 1970’ directed by Yoo Ha, I[the interviewer] thought Lee Min Ho already found the springboard for him.

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(Article) “To Challenge when applauded”… Lee Min Ho, the weight [he should bear] as an heir of Hallyu-ENG


Back with some news from Lee Min Ho and Gangnam 1970. This is a nice article from Dispatch, translated to english for Zinnia from Soompi Forums, I am grateful we have people who can share this information so we can get to know Minho in deep.

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Here is the original article: http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=433&aid=0000007862

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(Interview) Lee Min Ho overdoes Boys Over Flowers High Cut Vol 137 (ENG)


This is a transcript of High Cut interview to Lee Min Ho. It is highly recommended that if you can, please buy it via their App for Apple or Android. It has a lot of pictures and videos from the photo shooting. A must-have. For those who can not, here is the article for you to enjoy. Many thanks to @pixie0622 from Lee Min Ho Soompi Thread for the transcription.


<HIGH CUT> is finally reunited with Lee Minho, the ‘first man’ to be on the cover for the first time in 5 years, 7 months and 6 days.  In the meantime, he worked on 5 acting projects, one per year, plus 2 albums, which catapulted him into super stardom to sweep over the whole of Asia.  The young man with the famous conch-shaped ringlets of curly hair and the ‘innocent-looking’ heart-shaped lips has become a tough guy who exudes macho testosterone.  In a closed small amusement park the set of today’s photo shoot, Asia’s heartthrob with an intense gaze struck some sexy poses with a female model.  His eyes are deeper as the autumn gets into full swing and his voice is quiet and gentle like the rustling sound of fallen leaves.  The 28-year-old actor has matured a great deal that way.  The thrill of meeting its first love again lasted for a while in the hearts of the <HIGH CUT> family.

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(ENG) SportsSeoul Special Launch] Hallyu King Lee Min Ho, Being a Korean Star


Here again, sharing a new translation from the wonderful and awesome @Mosquito, seems like there are more translations from Chinese to English than Hangul to English.. hmm… anyway, no matter how, we, international Minoz are so grateful for these translations.. without further ado, here it is:


In celebration of SportsSeoul 29th Anniversary Special Launch, which happened to coincide with the birthday (June 22) of Hallyu star Lee Min Ho, we met up with him. After Jan 2014 SBS “The Heirs” interview, LMH immediately launched into a series of activities. Starting from April 2014, Min Ho has begun shooting of “Gangnam Blues” at Jeolla and Gyeongsang filming sites. “It would be good if I can clone myself” this is the extent of his tight schedules.

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(Eng) Lee Min Ho’s Childhood Photo walkthrough – 2009


I have seen this article long time ago, but it was in bit and pieces or lacking of the pictures. So, as to celebrate Lee Min Ho’s 28th Birthday, I have decided to post it complete here, for everybody’s easy reading. If you are Minoz, I know you have read it several times, but I guess we never get tired of him. Enjoy!

This is Lee Min Ho’s childhood narrated by his very own mom:


Young Lee Min Ho (0 – 4 years old)
(From Lee Min Ho’s mom)

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