(ENG) SportsSeoul Special Launch] Hallyu King Lee Min Ho, Being a Korean Star


Here again, sharing a new translation from the wonderful and awesome @Mosquito, seems like there are more translations from Chinese to English than Hangul to English.. hmm… anyway, no matter how, we, international Minoz are so grateful for these translations.. without further ado, here it is:


In celebration of SportsSeoul 29th Anniversary Special Launch, which happened to coincide with the birthday (June 22) of Hallyu star Lee Min Ho, we met up with him. After Jan 2014 SBS “The Heirs” interview, LMH immediately launched into a series of activities. Starting from April 2014, Min Ho has begun shooting of “Gangnam Blues” at Jeolla and Gyeongsang filming sites. “It would be good if I can clone myself” this is the extent of his tight schedules.


            This reporter first met with Lee Min Ho in 2009 during KBS2 “Boys Over Flowers”. The initial impression of this mischievous flower boy, followed with subsequent interviews up to the present time, he is no longer just a popular “flower boy” youth, but an actor who has achieved, developed and progressed in depth.

            He appeared to be a little tan, but with his stature of 187cm, he is almost flawless from all angles, with a westernized and pleasant face, he is happy, confident & wittily eloquent as usual. Although he is probably the most influential Hallyu star in China and throughout Asia, he does not indulge and revel in his success at such a young age, he gives considerable thoughts on how he wishes to proceed in life and approaches with it with big stride.


 Transformation from Flower Boy to a Resolute Man

From “Boys Over Flowers”, MBC “Personal Taste”, SBS “City Hunter”, “Faith”, “The Heirs”; producing one project on a yearly basis, Lee Min Ho repeatedly captures the audience attention. In “The Heirs” he played Kim Tan, an 18-year old high school student who was an heir to a conglomerate, his role was immensely well received and loved by both local and overseas audience, in “Gangnam Blues” he will transform into a real man, man with resolute.


“I have wanted to act in the role of a matured, reliable and dependable man, one who exudes male charisma just like that, yes I would like to play such a character. I have this thought when I approach my late 20s (like 28) so I have been anticipating. All this while questions like, “Why don’t you act in movie?”, “Do you only want to be a star?” have been posed to me. I feel that to achieve the facet of true, real man, presenting it via a movie is better than a drama; and director Yoo Ha provided such an opportunity.”


Since debut he did participate in a few movies, however assuming a leading role in a movie production in addition to a changed image, “Gangnam Blues” would be a brand new challenge to Min Ho. This is an action movie set in the 1970s with Gangnam as the background. Min Ho will play Kim Jong Dae, a character with tragic fate. Due to his hectic schedules around Asia and yet he has to practice for his martial art skills for the movie, his ‘action team’ travelled with him overseas so that he could receive his training concurrently when he was travelling.


 Lee Min Ho said, “I have prepared for the movie for a few months now, my day schedules were really tight. “Am I able to absorb well?” this has been worrying me. Once the filming started, my mood calmed down and I was able to adjust quickly.”

Regarding the character in the movie, “Comparing to current characters, the charm factor has reduced somewhat. The movie plot & character follow the development of Gangnam area and talk about some of the unreasonable happenings in that flourishing era. To create the charming effect on the set, the director said, ‘Through this production, not only (do I want to) just present a drama artiste, but a real actor.’ this is what he said” That would be the expectation.


  “President of SNS” a refreshing experience to attract such attention in China

Lee Min Ho has set a precedent among the Korean stars in their 20s; as a Hallyu star he has opened up new path and created a phenomenal wave among the Chinese community. From “Boys Over Flowers”, “City Hunter” to “The Heirs”, he has gradually cumulated love and trust (from his fans). In China most popular SNS Weibo, among Korean stars Lee Min Ho has the highest fan base, 22,292,910 followings (as of Jun 20, 2014 8am), his Facebook has 14.87 million likes, attesting to his immense popularity.


What is his secret to having 10s of millions of SNS followings? He said, “I try to diligently maintain contact and communication with all the fans who like me. I was not so familiar with SNS (at first) but as I felt distant with my overseas fans both physically and mentally, I communicate with them continuously through such means, in this case I would be able to prolong and extend our relationship.” He expressed humbly. All this while having played affluent high school students, architect, army general etc. depicting seemingly perfect characters with pure and innocent mind, these characters have made him more attractive and appealing.

 “I would think about the importance of a character and how I should emphasize and highlight his thought process. When I meet people face to face or converse with others, in such straightforward and simple relationship when we communicate, I feel that the basic thing is still human factor. When filming a drama or movie, emphasis should be given to expressing the inner thoughts and emotions rather than focusing on how to ‘act it out’, I believe that the audience will appreciate it better.”


In January 2012 Lee Min Ho took part in a very popular China program “Happy Camp” by Hunan Broadcasting; he was the first Korean star to have solitary appearance in the program and it created the highest viewership to-date. In the beginning of this year (2014), Lee Min Ho performed in CCTV “Spring Festival” and he was the first Korean celebrity to be invited to this prestigious annual event as this program is being broadcasted over 202 TV channels, being that it is in celebration of the Lunar New Year, the biggest festival in China; during Min Ho’s performance his section achieved the highest rating of 9.65%, channel possession of 70.99%, proving his overwhelming popularity.


 “After “Boys Over Flowers” I encountered other good productions, I am able to continue to meet with my fans in many countries through fan meetings and maintain the same sentiment whenever I meet with them afterwards. After I performed in the 2014 “Spring Festival”, for the first time I have the feeling of “This is really great”, “I have made it”. To the Chinese audience, to be able to participate in the “Spring Festival” program is something “very amazing, very awesome”. Prior to the broadcast of “Spring Festival” up till after the completion, I continue to receive favourable comments with high regards. To be appreciated by a country like China it is really aspiring, I feel the sense of responsibility because I have received so much love and support from my fans.

In addition to Lee Min Ho, Kim Woo Bin who collaborated with him  in “The Heirs”, Kim Soo Hyun from “You Who Came From the Stars”, Lee Jong Suk from “Doctor Stranger”, these 4 stars have become Asia new hot favourites; they have been dubbed “The New Four Heavenly Kings of Hallyu”. Lee Min Ho is one of the pioneers among his peers to extend his activities and events into China. He said with gratification, “even for an ordinary Korean person it would be great to meet another Korean when he is overseas; so if I am able to meet up with my fellow peers in the overseas markets, I would feel blessed and able to work happily.”


Feel blessed if his work brings hope and happiness to his fans

On June 13, 2014, as a continuance of partnership with his fans Lee Min Ho launched the community project “PROMIZ” (WWW.PMZ2014.COM).

“In the past, I have this puzzlement “Even when I received a lot of love why do I still feel lonely? Is it because there is no one whom I can give my love to?” I want to be able to return the love which I receive and in doing so I would feel blessed. Why do celebrities do good deeds? It’s not just about monetary giving. How can I do it as transparent as possible, how to provide practical assistance, it would be good to be personally involved or to participate in helping, this is what I think of when doing good deeds. Other than donating money on my own, if I can gather more people to participate then 100 million can become 1 billion. Doing good deeds with my fans would enable us to preserve good memory and also convey positive message to people whom we help, so this is something I must do. I gave this much thought in the past and I am able to put it into action now. I want to make an effort and give it a try before I am 30 years old.”


Lee Min Ho is one who loves his fans dearly, he said, “I hope that I would be able to bring hope and happiness to people through my works.” On SportsSeoul “We are almost of the same age, I am surprised that we share the ‘same birthday’. Whenever I think of SportsSeoul, a warm & passionate feeling comes to my mind.” he said with a smile. When he wraps up his filming of “Gangnam Blues” by August, he will have fan meetings, performances in September and October while he will fulfill his CF commitments until December. “Gangnam Blues” will be released in December.

Lee Min Ho said, “Many have asked (me) following the popularity of “The Heirs” and busy schedules, they could not understand how I was able to embark onto movie filming so soon. Instead of viewing from the perspective of gain, I rather hope to repay my fans with my works and productions. I hope that everyone will like “Gangnam Blues”. I have always wanted to act in something new, I would be glad that if I am able to grow when taking on such an act.” Min Ho expressed his wish.




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